The First Impression

Posted on 09/27/2011


After years of reading co-bloggers Tom and Lorenzo, we decided to try this out ourselves. The we being me and my best friend Lauren, who has her own personal blog. A combined love of television that exceeds almost anything else and a need to be constantly snarky to anything we encounter has led us here. We are going to write about New Girl. It’s a show with potential, but we’re not totally sold on it yet. So we wish the writers and actors the best of luck in going up against us.

Zooey Deschanel and the rest of the New Girl cast

I say:

FOX seems to be pinning most of their hopes on New Girl by giving it the slot after Glee. And they’re so confident you’ll want to watch it that you can download it FOR FREE from iTunes. I downloaded it just because I like free things. And then I watched it. And I remembered how much I love Zooey Deschanel. And now I want to watch this show. Their marketing strategy worked, despite all of my skepticism. Zooey has been called an “Indie princess,” and that seems just about right to me. She sings in a folksy band, writes the music, wears hipster-y clothes, and chooses her projects carefully. But now she’s on a mainstream, network show.  But…she’s still the same girl. I think. So for now I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. The pilot was a little scattered, but if we take it as a sampling of good things to come I think the show will work. Her 3 roommates will hopefully let their unique styles of humor expand so that they can play off each other a little more, and it will be fun to see how they each develop a relationship with Zooey’s character Jess. And, by the way, what is it with Dirty Dancing references these days?

Lauren says:

OK, so it’s classic Zooey Deschanel. The girl loves her crazy and whimsical. New Girl‘s Jess seems to be a little over the top though, even for her. All of the clips from the trailer are taken directly from the pilot, so who knows what’s beyond “the move in” episode.

My first reaction is, wow, that’s a whole lot of crazy stuffed into 22 minutes. It’s almost uncomfortably crazy. Most of the things Zooey’s Jess does just make you cringe like her three male roommates. It’s not exactly funny yet. You can see where it could be, but the moments are few in this first episode. One of the good moments is the “Douchebag Jar” they keep for whenever shirtless roommate (Schmidt) says something particularly awful.

It’s hard to cram dynamic and chemistry into one episode, and while this pilot does not succeed in making this a must-watch show for me, I will tune in to see if the potential I saw pans out. So for that, well done Fox.


The show’s second episode airs tonight, and we will both be tuning in to judge Zooey’s ratio of crazy to endearing and to keep a tally of how many dollars are put into the douchebag jar.

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