Asian F: Ballet…it gets half of the NFL on Dancing with the Stars

Posted on 10/05/2011


Last night, Glee took a turn for the better. It seemed like all of a sudden the writers remembered that they employ tons and tons of wonderful actors and take advantage of only a couple. And, except for including no mention of Quinn/Shelby’s baby, it actually seemed like there was some continuity from last week. Is the season really heading somewhere? That would be crazy.

Harry Shum Jr. in Asian F

First up: this episode was actually named in honor of Mike Chang. Harry Shum Jr. was only recently added as a regular cast member instead of being a recurring guest star. This is a relief for all of us who love his dancing, and it means that hopefully we’ll see more focus on him like we did last night. This was some of the first real acting do, and the scenes with his parents were very well done. Asian stereotype — perfected. In all seriousness, this is the kind of pressure people really do put on their kids, and we finally got a couple of scenes worth of discussion about it! Also, I seriously couldn’t stop smiling during Mike’s West Side Story audition. “Cool” was absolutely the perfect song for him. He even weirdly convinced me he could personify a 1950’s New York gang member. Which is weird, since in West Side Story the characters are Puerto Rican or American. (Next up, Mike in scenes from Grease?)

Amber Riley in Asian F

Booty camp continued, which was nice to see. I wouldn’t have been surprised at all if Glee had let that fall by the wayside. Instead, it led to a well-done, if a bit odd, song from Dreamgirls. I was totally freaked out at first by the weird period costumes, but as the song went on I kind of got behind it. Naya and Dianna, especially, looked fab in those dresses (and Naya rocked her part of the song). Plus, Cory’s hair looked remarkably good. Matthew Morrison’s just looked gross. Overall, the cast nailed this song. I can’t honestly decide which I like more from Amber Riley, this song or Spotlight, but it’s good that she’s getting songs again. I can’t help wonder if some of Mercedes’ frustrations of being cut out of the Glee club hit home for Amber, who surely realizes that her voice really is as good as Lea Michele’s.

Also, I want to congratulate the writers on showing that they do understand how many storylines they have going on right now. They gave Kurt/Blaine one, short scene in which Kurt acknowledged that he knew Blaine would get the role of Tony and that he was proud and supportive. We knew this would be an issue, and it needed to be handled, but not drawn out. The flip side of that coin, though, is that this is the first time I have ever felt cheated on a Kurt storyline. In what world would he really be okay with that? I get that he’s supposed to love Blaine and that he should want the best for him, but Kurt is a diva. I doubt it would be that easy for him.

Meanwhile, we’re supposed to think that Kurt is seriously distraught about this student council business. And, let’s be real, Heather Morris rocked that song. I was very unexcited after hearing the recording of “Run the World,” but the dancing was enough to make it spectacular. Chris Colfer’s facial expression really did say it all.

The show closed with Will singing “Fix You” to Emma. Their whole portion of the show seemed weird to me. Ginger supremacists? Really Glee? They belong to a country club of all gingers? No way. They needed something to happen with these two, but I’m less than convinced that this was really the best plan. Also, I’m confused about how Will supposedly jumped from wedding magazines to wanting to meet her parents. Couldn’t those have been left from her OTHER WEDDING?? Remember when that happened? Basically, the song ended up being creepy, which is a shame since I actually loved the recording, and the Glee kids singing it with him.

Moral of the story, Glee, is that this was a big step, but there is still work to be done.

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